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A unique historical document

In March 2003 our company acquired a historical document “Price List of W.Gabus”. Care for quality of goods, care for customers, protection against forgery, cooperation with the best foreign partners, network of dealers - all these qualities distinguished the firm 100 years ago as well as today … PRICE LIST Price list of Watches diamonds, gold and silver goods The long existence of my firm, the increasing number of my customers each year and the permanently growing turnover, which I realize in European and Asian Russia, are undoubtedly the best evidence for the correct practice and quality of my trade activity. Constantly aiming at expansion of my trading business, I deal with the best, important foreign manufacturers only, buying all goods in large quantity, the latest models only, which gives me the opportunity of selling at most attractive prices. I have paid special attention to pocket watches and wall clocks as the main specialty of my trade. Tirelessly watching the development of watch-making, I have set myself to meet the wishes of my esteemed customers: to own a time-keeper with a reliable mechanism of outstanding quality. I have reached this target by means of strict investigation of the mechanisms of each execution I choose, and sell only those brands which correspond to their true purpose – being an accurate and correct indicator of time. All these time-keepers have the name of my firm “W.Gabus” or “В.Габю” on the inner cover or on the dial. Please, also pay special attention to the accurate and correct inscription of W.Gabus or В.Габю, in contradistinction to other firms.

Historical price list of “W.Gabus” firm, published in 1890-s. Moreover, in view of the fact that watches with private (not customs) seals have lately appeared in Russia, I believe it my duty to bring to my buyers’ notice, that all watches of my firm bear the government customs seal which stands for the proof that all watches are received from abroad completely assembled, which makes their main value. The gracious attention and confidence of my esteemed buyers, which I have enjoyed till now, lets me hope that this confidence will increase in future and therefore the number of my buyers. I, for my part, will do all my best to honor this confidence with my conscientious attitude towards my business practice and by meeting precisely and accurately all the requirements of my esteemed buyers.

“W.Gabus” shop in Nikolskaya street (circled)
Gents, pallet-lever, _ from 38 rubles and up
Gents, pallet-lever, with calendar _ from 125 rubles and up
Gents, pallet-lever, with repeater_ from 150 rubles and up
Gents, pallet-lever, with chronograph _ from 125 rubles and up
Gents, pallet-lever, with perpetual calendar, repeater, chronograph _ from 400 rubles and up
Ladies in different styles and decors, with colored and painted enamel decorations on the case, with stamped decorations and precious stones _from 25 rubles and up Besides the brand „В. Габю” or „W. Gabus”, also the famous manufactured brand „Patek” is available.
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